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       Bijoux  Fantaisie  Tamami  YAMAMURO


 Bijoux Tamami YAMAMURO is not Jewelry to add to your dress afterwards.You should choose and wear it just like you do with your clothes every day and on every occasion, managing to try to unify it with your true self at the very moment.

Like a perfume that could change its fragrance on different persons,real costume jewelry will amaze us,showing new expressions never expected by the designer when it unifies with the personality of an individual who wears it.


 Jewelry will be part of its wearer and then completed for the first time, the instant that with it on she finds her fresh new self in the mirror.  

This is the true role of jewelry.                          

With my collection, you will feel and enjoy the same excitement at your new self as you have when you open a Jewel Box ,which is also my great desire.



                                             Tamami  YAMAMURO